Linkin Park, to perform at Singapore

As if Formula One racing’s night-time event wasn’t exciting enough, Singapore race organisers have announced that multi award-winning band Linkin Park, Glee star Charice, Grammy-winning reggae artist Shaggy, trip hop producers Massive Attack and 1980s legend Rick Astley are all set to perform at different venues over the course of September’s Marina Bay round.
“With the Grand Prix as our centerpiece, we’ve packaged the event as a whole weekend of festivities and treats for the entire family,” explained director of operations and security Sarah Martin. “We’ve packed in a host of entertainment activities to ensure every ticket offers great value for money and the event continues to be a must-attend weekend for Singaporeans and international audiences.”chester linkinsoldiers
Headliners Linkin Park will perform songs from album A Thousand Suns on race day, September 25, on the Padang main stage. Massive Attack will wow the crowds with a DJ set on Friday night, whilst Glee starlet Charice will be in action on Friday and Saturday nights. Shaggy and Rick Astley will both perform on Saturday and Sunday.
As well as pop acts, race goers can watch two fully-fledged musicals – Bollywood Express and Forbidden Broadway as part of the off-track entertainment. They will also be able to take a surreal walk through the Milky Way courtesy of visual spectacle La Terra Al Centro Dell’universo, catch classical Baroque-era theatre at the Venetian Festival and enjoy Studio Festi’s acrobatic dance act Ocean Symphony.

Source: F1

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