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The Messenger is the fifteenth and final track off the album A Thousand Suns. Initially consisting of nothing more than an acoustic guitar and Chester’s voice, it is one of Linkin Park’s softest songs, and one of the very few to contain an acoustic guitar. and we want to make a video for this song.. please be part of this proyect

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How to Participate:
Send any video recorded by you .. send your favorite scenes of you singing (as Chester or Mike), playing guitar, drums, dancing, jumping, show your tattoos, posters, cd dvds .. film what you want! if you don’t want to show your face, you can even send whatever you think a good scene for the video.

Objective: image
Of all the videos received we will try to do a story and add some special effects..  will probably be in Black and White. To achieve a perfect edition!

"It is essential that the video count background sound ..  no matter if it sounds bad or very low. After editing, the video contains the original audio of "The Messenger"
"Try to record with a plain background. like the white wall  as background. (This helps to add more effects to your video)cine

Duration and video formats:
The full song or a part. (Preferably full)
Formats should be: wmv, avi, divx, 3gp, flv, mpeg, ogv, mov, vob.

Send your names or nicknames along with the video to appear in the credits at the end

Where to send:
Send your videos to with the subject "VIDEO" do not forget to put your names



Video Fan The Messenger


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