ISSHO NI Fan Remixes

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(Art by Widya Rahayu)

From Mike:

A few days ago, I asked you guys to make some remixes (or reinterpretations) of our song for DOWNLOAD TO DONATE, “Issho Ni.”  Here were the five that I thought were the best.

“Hace unos dias les he pedido que hagan algunos remixes (o reinterpretacion) de nuestra cancion para DOWNLOAD TO DONATE “Issho Ni” aquí publique 5 de los que me parecian los mejores”


1. Xefusion


2. Penneysound


3. ZwieR.Z. ‬


4. Dmitry Zemtsov


5. Nairod

y mas: A Fragile Bear, Shrocaeth, Nike Stoyan, and Svetoch.

y no se olviden de de descargar…  DownloadToDonate.



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