Happy Birthday Chester bennington


Happy Birthday Chester bennington

We don’t know why,
We don’t know how,
We don’t even know when,
but the only thing we know is…

you’re fucking AWESOME,
your singing have changed our lives,
your screams blew up our minds,
and that way
of always be the man who always thought
that impossible is nothing.

Those things made us proud to say Thank you
Thank you for existing, Chester.

Happy Birthday bro.
May all your wishes come true.

here’s a video from LP Argentina to You!


  1. Anónimo 23 marzo, 2011 at 17:16 Responder

    chester felis cumpleaños para el mejor cantante del mundo soy elian vivo en argentina vengan el 2011 .mi gira preferida fue road the evolution que chester te pasaste cantantando. tengo 9 años

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