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Algo estará por pasar el lunes, mucho misterio en algunas paginas de Linkin Park…
Tras tanta intriga, se reveló que el próximo 11 de febrero (que casualidad cumple de Mike Shinoda!), se podrá descargar Plaster, el demo de One Step Closer, en algunos sitios.
¡Despues de 8 años, Linkin Park decidió revelar a Plaster!

Hahninator postió:

That’s right, the One Step Closer demo that you’ve long heard about. The groundbreaking hit from Linkin Park – the demo that you’ve never heard. It will be here. After 8 years of hiding, it’s coming. Thanks all in part to nkramar, it can now be released.

On Monday. Be ready. Congrats to all that successfully guessed it in what has to be the biggest LP fansite collab of a release EVER.

Posted on 09 Feb 2008 by Hahninator

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