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Chat del LPU con Joe Hahn


Hoy a las 15.30 (horario de Argentina) iniciaba el chat con Joe Han mediante el LPUNDERGROUND. Lamentablemente, Joe llego bastante más tarde y el chat no duro más de 20 minutos. Venía de practicar con la banda y cuando terminó se fue para allá de vuelta.


mrhahn1 says: Ok let’s get started. Ask away. Sorry I’m late!

Jay_Sensei says: When you were recording A Thousand Suns. What particular albums were you listening to at the time to get you inspired?

mrhahn1 says: I wasn’t really listening to a lot of stuff to get inspired. mrhahn1 says: If you talk to Mike, there’s a lot of stuff that he listens to. mrhahn1 says: For me I like to think story-wise and what kind of stories can be told through the music.

Jordyn says: how do you feel you have grown musically since meteora?

mrhahn1 says: regarding tour: as we were making the record and thinking of the visuals… there are a lot of things thrown at you today with all of the digital noise. between phones, the internet, etc. everyone deals with it differently.

mrhahn1 says: we have lots of visuals that deal with that on this tour.

mrhahn1 says: and on the album art itself.

KATHYxx says: ‘Sup Mr Hahn? My Dad would like to know why you prefer to have a lot of those sampler sequencer things (it looks like you have like 20 of them up there) on stage instead of a keyboard to play back samples with? mrhahn1 says: meteora: i’ve grown a lot. the group as a whole has grown a lot. better communication. listening, rather than talking.

kaylit says: Hi, Joe! I’m very surprised when I saw you singing. Who had the idea to record your vocals?

mrhahn1 says: if you talk to different people in the band, there are probably different levels of that

mrhahn1 says: as a collective unit, we work together better, which allows us to try new things

mrhahn1 says: its allowed this record to be all over the map mrhahn1 says: regarding samples…. i’m not a piano player. for me it’s about manipulating sounds and triggering them.

mrhahn1 says: playing music is like throwing punches and kicks rather than playing a piano.

Kikkaa says to Nameless: Hi Joe!Have you ever thought to make a Reanimation 2.0,inserting songs from Meteora, Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns?Would be nice to hear songs with style of MTM and ATS mixed..

mrhahn1 says: everything is beat driven with me.

LinusLP says: What influenced you making the «The Catalyst» Video the way it is, what inspired you to that athmosphere and content?

mrhahn1 says: reanimation 2… no. we don’t want to repeat the same thing. if we do a remix album, it would take on a different form than reanimation did. i don’t think we would do that same thing twice.

linkinparc says: Hi Joe! Have you ever considered to make a movie (short/long) about the full «A thousand suns – Experience» ? (like instead a video for a single, a movie for an album..)

mrhahn1 says: about me singing… i think the overall theme that we started on MTM was that everyone can and should write on everything and not be bound on the instruments we play.

LPUJenn16 says: hey joe! are there going to be any «expansion packs» for 8 bit rebellion?

*mrhahn1 lost connection.

mrhahn1 says: Sorry guys, chat kicked me out.

mrhahn1 says: more questions! mrhahn1 says: nope! please pass more.

mrhahn1 says: we considered making a movie about the full experience. it didn’t end up working out though.

Mafiosa25 says: Hey Joe, what is your favorite song on A Thousand Suns, which for you is the most fun to play live?

Morinoajin says: Hey Joe! Whenis the next SURU exhibition?

mrhahn1 says: ATS – I dont have a favorite. there are things abotu each song that makes them very special in their own way mrhahn1 says: right now the catalyst is really fun to play live mrhahn1 says: when they come for me and wretches are also fun to play

mavi says to DarthYak: will you do a DVD live with a Thousand’s suns’s song like road to revolution? kisses from italy

mrhahn1 says: SURU – nothing planned yet. mrhahn1 says: stay tuned.

marcusjehrlander says: Hey Joe, what was your favorite/most exciting song to record on A Thousand Suns and why? Thanks.

mrhahn1 says: live dvd… i’m sure there will be something at some point. haven’t planned it yet though.

mrhahn1 says: i dont have a favorite song i recorded on ATS. everything came in pieces. most of the songs took a long time.

nshteynle says to pegasusrocks: Will be scratching tracks on the new disk LPU? Numbrocker02 says: Hey Joe! You guys rocked NYC! So Waiting For the End is the next single. Have you given thought to what that video might look like? Love from Texas! mrhahn1 says: working on post for waiting for the end video now mrhahn1 says: it’s gonna look like a digital representation of us in a black void

mrhahn1 says: my favorite video game right now is halo reach.

NaNooo says: Hey,Joe. What do you plan for Halloween? Phoenix said he will be Bennoda on Twitter??

mrhahn1 says: i might have to dress up as myself for halloween because we’ll be on tour.

Pytt says: I’ve read that Josh Vanover has done/is doing the stage design for the ATS tour. What is there to expect? A lot of digital visuals,

or a mix between both digital and physical art/stage elements?

REE_REE says: Will you be doing anything special to mark Hybrid Theory?s 10 year anniversary?

Ve_cel_LPB says: hey joe how did you guys dicided the name of the album A TS

mrhahn1 says: hybrid theory anniversary… it already passed, so we missed the boat on that one.

sophie_lps says: Hi Joe! how does it feel to kick off the ATS tour in a country where you never played before?? Any special preparation?? I’m so excited to see you guys next Thursday in Buenos Aires! Thanks 4 ur time!

mrhahn1 says: tour… business as usual. excited to play in argentina.

mrhahn1 says: we put out a thousand suns to celebrate.

Piknikpark says: Hi Joe! Do you know about PIKNIK PARK (Europe’s one and only Linkin Park Cover Band)? We are big fans of Linkin Park and formed this band 5 years ago. Since than we had 120+ shows all over Europe

mrhahn1 says: album art will definitely tie in to stage and tour elements mrhahn1 says: 2 more questions then i have to get back to rehearsals

Papercut456 says: Hi, first congratulations for «A Thousand Suns». How old were you when you’ve learned to play your instruments (turntables, sampler etc.)? Thanks

mrhahn1 says: I learned DJing after high school.

xxAnnaSxx says: Imagine you wouldn?t have gotten the chance to join the band back in the 90?s ? where would you see yourself today?

mrhahn1 says: if i wasn’t in LP, i have no idea what i would be doing. maybe art. probably flipping burgers or something. ok guys, again, sorry I was late. we’re rehearsing for tour today. I have to head back in now. looking forward to seeing everyone out on tour. thanks for your patience today and thanks for the questions.

xxspuckxsorrisxx says: Hey Joe, Im a big fan of your mixing and stuff. I have a few Qs: Will you be doing art on your rown soon? and also, how many demos of the songs/ album artwork were there. and whats happenin for LPUX. thanks!!!! big fan!

mrhahn1 says: later everyone

* mrhahn1 lost connection, left the room

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